School of Graduate and Advanced Studies

The School of Graduate and Advanced Studies (SGAS) is responsible for coordination and management of postgraduate and advanced study programmes within the university.

The School's Vision

The vision of the School is to ensure that high quality postgraduate curricula are developed in various disciplines, in line with the university and Commission for University Education (CUE) policy guidelines and academic standards are maintained in postgraduate teaching and research.

Tailor-made programmes and cutting edge technology

The university offers three types of postgraduate programmes, i.e. taught-projectdissertation/ thesis, taught-research-dissertation/thesis and research-thesis-only at Masters' and doctoral levels. Emphasis is placed on industry-based learning and hands-on skills training. The programmes are developed by departments of the three faculties, Engineering Sciences and Technology, Social Sciences and Technology and Applied Sciences and Technology, and lead to various higher qualifications including postgraduate certificate, diploma , Masters' and doctoral degrees. Apart from the normal Master's and Doctor of Philosophy degrees, it also offers unique professional degrees such as Master of Technology (MTech.), Master and Engineering (MEng.), Doctor of Technology (DTech.), Doctor of Engineering (DEng.) and Doctor of Business Administration (OBA), which enhance practical skills in finding solutions to real problems in the work place and industry. TU-K programmes aim at giving a unique opportunity to pursue flexible
and focused higher degree courses that meet the curre,nt needs of industry and society as well as individual needs, either for employment, entrepreneurship, further research in institutions or university teaching and research . All TU-K postgraduate curricula have mandatory coursemodules in IT, research methodology and entrepreneurship skills.

Contact and application procedure

For further information on postgraduate programmes, consult the respective department directly or the Director (SGAS) by email: , or by phone: +254 (020) 343672 , 2249974, 2251300, 251822, 2250522 or +254 723 521644 (mobile).

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