Research and Knowledge Exchange

The Technical University of Kenya legal order (2007) specifies that one of the major functions of the university is “to provide high quality research...”. In pursuant of this provision, the TUK has established the Directorate of Research and Innovation whose mandate encompasses coordination of all research and innovation activities within the institution as well as tapping all available resources both local and international to make it possible for the institution to achieve its research and innovation objectives. The Directorate achieves its mandate through a Research and Innovation policy document which has been developed to assist it in the effective coordination and implementation of various research activities as well as the promotion of research and innovation culture among students and staff at all levels. The issues addressed by the Research and Innovation policy include responsibilities, funding, research implementation, management, seminars/conferences, professionalism, integrity, ethics, publications and intellectual property rights, among others. The Directorate is headed by a Director appointed by the Vice Chancellor, working closely with a committee appointed by the University Management Board, for the day to day management of its activities.

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